Nhemisys ( nem - uh -sis ) has a passion for being an artist at heart. Design, photography, drawing, painting, airbrushing, graffiti, calligraphy, typography, web design, you name it.

She has many artistic passions, but the design industry is where she wants to be.

Ever since she was a teen, she began learning about all different types of art, realized she had fallen in love with every aspect of design. Over the years, through her own experimentation and helpful tips she had acquired recently from her time at The Art Institute, she became experienced in rendering images and creating her own unique style of art.

Most of her time is spent in front of a computer screen, the other parts are spent with a camera at hand, exploring the world of photography. Her camera goes everywhere with her and she never leaves home without it. Taking photos are a big part of who Nhemisys is.

"Nothing fuels the creative being more than the spiritual inspiration derived from discovering that people trust and believe in you." 

♥ Nhemisys